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Jane Carter, March 2016 0

Men’s perspectives on International Women’s Day

The blog posting on this date last year furnished observations from our gender and social equity focal persons in Bolivia, Kosovo, Mozambique, Nepal, and Vietnam on how International Women’s Day is celebrated in their countries. This year, I thought I’d ask some (unfairly selected) male colleagues what they think of 8th March – from a

Jane Carter, February 2016 0

Girls’ initiation rites in Mozambique: opposing views

This week I have been reading through documents from an EU-funded project supporting women’s empowerment in Northern Mozambique’s Cabo Delgado province – an area that I visited back in May 2014. The project, Ocupali, is at the end of its three year phase, so it is time to draw out lessons learned. The most obvious

Jane Carter, January 2016 2

Testing our assumptions in Kyrgyzstan

January is a good month for lunchtime talks… Yesterday we had Lucie Kufova, Masters student at Fribourg University, presenting her research into gender aspects in water governance in Kyrgyzstan. Lucie was hosted by our SEP project over five weeks last summer through our Junior Research Fund. This small fund allows a few students per year

Jane Carter, January 2016 5
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Monitoring changing lives: Dalit women in Nepal

Our sporadic series of lunchtime talks got off to a good start this year with a presentation of an Impact Assessment of the Employment Fund in Nepal, a large project managed by Helvetas and financially supported by SDC, DFID and the World Bank. We have an organisational commitment to organise two or three rigorous Impact

Jane Carter, December 2015 0

Women in community forestry in Bhutan

This past fortnight has been a “trip down memory lane” for me, returning to visit community forest management groups (CFMG) in Eastern Bhutan that were established in the early 2000s. Back then, I visited these groups quite regularly as part of a project supporting a range of forestry development activities – including community forestry. Now,

Jane Carter, November 2015 0

International day for the elimination of violence against women

Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV) and Violence against Women (VAW) will be in the news today, and I hesitated to “join the crowd”. However, it is a topic that was discussed at a lunchtime meeting held in our Zürich office last week, and transformed into a webinar with inputs from Nepal and Tajikistan. It