Earthquake response Nepal

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One year ago today

Mona Sherpa, our Deputy Country Director, uncharacteristically hesitates when asked her thoughts about everything that has happened since the earthquake struck on 25 April last year. “We have made real progress”, she says “but not as much as we would have liked to”. Indeed the path of Nepal’s post-earthquake reconstruction has been a difficult one,

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One disaster after another: women survivors

If anything is heard of Nepal in the international news at the moment, it is not of those whose lives were overturned by the April and May earthquakes, but of riots associated with the announcement of the new constitution. In the populous Terai region, there is anger and fear that the new constitution will give

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Update from Nepal: A better outlook?

The world’s media long ago turned its attention away from the devastation caused by the earthquakes in Nepal, and even Nepalis in non-affected parts of the country seem to have put the thought behind them. But for everyone living in Kathmandu, Sindhupalchowk, Dolakha, Gorkha and other earthquake-hit districts, there is no forgetting. The literal shaking

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Bringing some “normality” to disrupted lives

Temporary Learning Centres © Caritas 2015 Although no-one would describe the situation in the earthquake-affected areas as returning to normal, most households in Melamchi valley now have very basic temporary shelter and are supplied with blankets as well as chemical water purification. The increase in the number of households in the area is significant; re-calculated

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Reaching those left out

The weather in Kathmandu and surrounds is hot and humid, but the monsoon rains have not yet set in – something that is fortunate for those without a roof over their heads, and for farmers waiting for supplies of seed to sow. As reported in the last blog, many families in the Melamchi valley of