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Internalising social values: NGO partners in Bangladesh

Back at the beginning of this year, I wrote a posting about partnerships, and the importance of shared values on gender equality and social equity. During my August visit to Bangladesh, this was again a topic of focus, in the form of a partner workshop. In Bangladesh we partner with over 20 different local NGOs,

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One disaster after another: women survivors

If anything is heard of Nepal in the international news at the moment, it is not of those whose lives were overturned by the April and May earthquakes, but of riots associated with the announcement of the new constitution. In the populous Terai region, there is anger and fear that the new constitution will give

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Women’s stories of change from Bangladesh

For the past nearly two weeks, I have been in Bangladesh. The time was split between three tasks: supporting our project Sharique in developing five short “digital stories” about women whose example inspires others; and facilitating two different workshops. The digital stories took me to the district of Sunamganj – huge swathes of which are

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Update from Nepal: A better outlook?

The world’s media long ago turned its attention away from the devastation caused by the earthquakes in Nepal, and even Nepalis in non-affected parts of the country seem to have put the thought behind them. But for everyone living in Kathmandu, Sindhupalchowk, Dolakha, Gorkha and other earthquake-hit districts, there is no forgetting. The literal shaking

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Gaining courage, speaking out: Women’s leadership training in Guatemala

Two of the participants at our June workshop in Bolivia were from Guatemala: Angélica Alarcon Alba, our Project Manager for SERVIME and Gender and Social Equity Focal Person, and Claudia Santizo, Deputy Country Programme Director. In presenting an activity of the project SERVIME (which like the last one mentioned in this blog is one designed and funded by