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Jane Carter, November 2015 0

Women in Politics: Ideas from Albania

The Shareday that I mentioned in my last posting not only provided opportunities for thematic discussion, but also for viewing a range of (mainly project-produced) videos. I was particularly struck by one, on women in politics in Albania. It was produced by the dldp – the Decentralisation and Local Governance Programme, which is implemented by

Jane Carter, November 2015 1

Advocacy on behalf of others: what is our legitimacy?

Last Thursday marked a turning point in organisational knowledge sharing, with the holding of a virtual “Shareday”. That is, our staff in 32 partner countries were invited to join a Webinar to exchange experiences on two topics, selected by vote in advance: advocacy, and market systems development. I suspect that in only a few years’

Jane Carter, October 2015 1

Ensuring the funds flow: Gender and Financing

“Of course gender issues are important to us – but the problem is, we have no budget!” Anyone who has worked on gender in development – and probably gender in any other domain – is likely to have heard this comment. However, a “lack of budget” is often less of an issue than the crucial

Jane Carter, September 2015 0

Internalising social values: NGO partners in Bangladesh

Back at the beginning of this year, I wrote a posting about partnerships, and the importance of shared values on gender equality and social equity. During my August visit to Bangladesh, this was again a topic of focus, in the form of a partner workshop. In Bangladesh we partner with over 20 different local NGOs,

Jane Carter, September 2015 1

One disaster after another: women survivors

If anything is heard of Nepal in the international news at the moment, it is not of those whose lives were overturned by the April and May earthquakes, but of riots associated with the announcement of the new constitution. In the populous Terai region, there is anger and fear that the new constitution will give