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Learning Organisation

Is the Learning Organisation passé?

Is the Learning Organisation passé?   Having thought in terms of communities and networks for much of the past two decades, I am putting some energy these days into wondering about the place of the organisation. More specifically, about learning organisations. I still believe a lot of the potential of organisations to thrive depends on

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What about CoPs…

I haven’t heard a lot of talk about Communities of Practice (CoPs) and their potential lately, except for an exchange in July around whether long-established ones might be too ‘nice’ and recycling the same old wisdom, summarized on Ewen LeBorgne’s blog. I remember first hearing about CoPs when Etienne Wenger gave a presentation on them

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Knowledge Ecology revisited

  As Helvetas is about to develop a new Knowledge and Learning strategy, and I am meant to facilitate its production, I’ve been thinking a lot about how we approached things in the past, about what should be changed, what should be gotten rid of, and what should be kept. Today I’m focused on the

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“He hits me because he loves me”

In October last year, I was in Bolivia – and today I was back in Bolivia in my head, in an email exchange with our Gender and Social Equity Focal Person, Ximena Aramayo. Bolivia is an interesting country in terms of gender relations. In the World Economic Forum’s Gender Gap Index, which examines the difference

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Tackling youth employment in Albania

The week before last, I was in Albania. I remember back in the 1980s, Albania had an almost mythical aura – a closed land, physically right next door to Greece, but otherwise remote in every conceivable way. Its isolation only ended with the breakdown of communism in 1991 – the subsequent jostle for power between