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Jane Carter, June 2016 0

So who are disadvantaged in Kyrgyzstan?

The first time that I visited Kyrgyzstan, back in 1997, I was anxious to understand more about the social structure of the communities in which we had recently started working. Back then people were still struggling to come to terms with the break-up of the Soviet Union. The standard reply I received to questions about

Jane Carter, January 2016 2

Testing our assumptions in Kyrgyzstan

January is a good month for lunchtime talks… Yesterday we had Lucie Kufova, Masters student at Fribourg University, presenting her research into gender aspects in water governance in Kyrgyzstan. Lucie was hosted by our SEP project over five weeks last summer through our Junior Research Fund. This small fund allows a few students per year

Riff Fullan, January 2015 0

Community engagement at scale: getting into people’s living rooms

I’m probably no different from many of those I work within inside and outside my organisation in that I spend a significant proportion of my time writing and reading emails, looking at websites, participating in online dialogues, etc, etc. Having this almost daily experience, it’s easy to forget that the vast majority of people in

Jane Carter, September 2014 0
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Global inequalities and their consequences: reflections from Tajikistan

Workshops in ex-Soviet countries tend to be enlivened by reflections on the previous system. Participants are often particularly curious to learn more about Western, capitalist thinking – and sometimes this leads to awkward questions. During a recent workshop in Tajikistan, I was questioned about when global wealth inequalities really began, and how they have altered