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Riff Fullan, February 2016 0

Is context really everything?

What do horse racing on a frozen lake and a knowledge management workshop have in common? At first glance, not a lot. But over the past few days I was a curious observer of one and a facilitator of the other, and they both sparked similar thoughts as I was remembering the experiences. The winter

Riff Fullan, December 2014 3

Our Intranet? That old chestnut!

The combination of seeing a lot of chestnuts for sale over the past few weeks (the season of roasted chestnuts on the street in Switzerland is here) and thinking about the importance of our corporate intranet has me realising yet again that what is ‘old’ is not necessarily bad. As it happens, our intranet affectionately

Riff Fullan, October 2014 2

Knowledge Ecology revisited

  As Helvetas is about to develop a new Knowledge and Learning strategy, and I am meant to facilitate its production, I’ve been thinking a lot about how we approached things in the past, about what should be changed, what should be gotten rid of, and what should be kept. Today I’m focused on the