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Jane Carter, October 2016 1

Leadership skills for women and men staff

Probably all international development organisations have some sort of written commitment to upholding gender equality and diversity within their internal organisation. At Helvetas, we have such a principle in our gender and social equity policy – but what matters is being proactive about putting policy into practice. Numbers of women and men staff Staffing figures

Jane Carter, February 2015 0

Managing diversity in Myanmar

Earlier this month, I was in Laos to facilitate a one week regional workshop with staff and a few partner staff from five of our country programmes – Bhutan, Myanmar, Nepal, Laos and Vietnam. The topic was working on gender and development in contexts of ethnic diversity. It was a week of much sharing and

Jane Carter, December 2014 0

Nepal: Building a diverse workforce

The last national census of Nepal recognised 125 separate social groups within the population of 26.6 million people; that is wealth of human diversity. Yet step into any government office or large private company in Kathmandu, and the chances are high that the person sitting behind the desk is a man originating from the hills

Riff Fullan, December 2014 3

Our Intranet? That old chestnut!

The combination of seeing a lot of chestnuts for sale over the past few weeks (the season of roasted chestnuts on the street in Switzerland is here) and thinking about the importance of our corporate intranet has me realising yet again that what is ‘old’ is not necessarily bad. As it happens, our intranet affectionately