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Jane Carter, August 2015 3

Women’s stories of change from Bangladesh

For the past nearly two weeks, I have been in Bangladesh. The time was split between three tasks: supporting our project Sharique in developing five short “digital stories” about women whose example inspires others; and facilitating two different workshops. The digital stories took me to the district of Sunamganj – huge swathes of which are

Jane Carter, February 2015 0

Young ethnic women wanted for exciting career prospects!

During our recent regional workshop in Laos, we participants (19 of us) visited a state training centre for young professionals in agriculture and forestry that has being receiving Swiss support for some time. The SURAFCO project (Support the Reform of the Northern Agriculture and Forestry College) is implemented by Helvetas on behalf of SDC, the

Jane Carter, September 2014 0
© Helvetas / Tanja Demarmels

Post 2015: What the SDGs have to say on gender

The planning, drafting and “word-smithing” of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals must have occupied vast amounts of time of many, many people – and for someone largely outside the process, it is quite a mind-boggling one. I write “largely” as in truth I have had the opportunity to contribute in a very small way to