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Jane Carter, February 2016 0

Girls’ initiation rites in Mozambique: opposing views

This week I have been reading through documents from an EU-funded project supporting women’s empowerment in Northern Mozambique’s Cabo Delgado province – an area that I visited back in May 2014. The project, Ocupali, is at the end of its three year phase, so it is time to draw out lessons learned. The most obvious

Jane Carter, November 2015 1

Advocacy on behalf of others: what is our legitimacy?

Last Thursday marked a turning point in organisational knowledge sharing, with the holding of a virtual “Shareday”. That is, our staff in 32 partner countries were invited to join a Webinar to exchange experiences on two topics, selected by vote in advance: advocacy, and market systems development. I suspect that in only a few years’

Riff Fullan, January 2015 0

Community engagement at scale: getting into people’s living rooms

I’m probably no different from many of those I work within inside and outside my organisation in that I spend a significant proportion of my time writing and reading emails, looking at websites, participating in online dialogues, etc, etc. Having this almost daily experience, it’s easy to forget that the vast majority of people in

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Should I stay or should I go?

This is the question facing many women in Sri Lanka today, women who find life at home difficult and who are attracted by the prospect of change, and seeing the outside world. The migration of women as domestic workers from Sri Lanka to wealthier countries, notably the Gulf States, has mushroomed over the last 30

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Post 2015: What the SDGs have to say on gender

The planning, drafting and “word-smithing” of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals must have occupied vast amounts of time of many, many people – and for someone largely outside the process, it is quite a mind-boggling one. I write “largely” as in truth I have had the opportunity to contribute in a very small way to