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Should we, do we, work in urban areas?

Last week was a particularly intense one for many of us: it was “Shareweek”, the get-together between senior country programme staff and thematic, geographical and fund-raising staff in Head Office. Wider organisational sharing is also promoted through live social reporting. We only hold this event every second year, so the time is precious, and internal

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Where the money goes…Tracking spending on gender and social inclusion

A blog posting a little while ago discussed gender-responsive budgeting, and specifically how we are supporting municipalities in Kosovo with this tool. Yet what of our own project and programme spending? Can such a form of budgeting and accounting also be applied? This was the topic yesterday in another of our sporadic Webinars, linking different staff

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Speaking out: Indigenous women leaders in Peru

Representatives, practitioners and campaigners engaged in promoting the rights of communities and indigenous peoples over land and natural resources have been converging on Bern this week. Today and Thursday we will be deep in discussion in a two day conference hosted jointly by the Rights and Resources Initiative (RRI), Oxfam, the International Land Coalition (ILC)

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Promoting ideas of social equity through art

Our team in Bolivia was brainstorming at the beginning of this year about how to raise public awareness on social equity – and came up with the idea of an art competition. This must be put in the context of a country with a very diverse population, in which until recently, an indigenous person had