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Jane Carter, November 2015 0

Women in Politics: Ideas from Albania

The Shareday that I mentioned in my last posting not only provided opportunities for thematic discussion, but also for viewing a range of (mainly project-produced) videos. I was particularly struck by one, on women in politics in Albania. It was produced by the dldp – the Decentralisation and Local Governance Programme, which is implemented by

Riff Fullan, December 2014 3

Our Intranet? That old chestnut!

The combination of seeing a lot of chestnuts for sale over the past few weeks (the season of roasted chestnuts on the street in Switzerland is here) and thinking about the importance of our corporate intranet has me realising yet again that what is ‘old’ is not necessarily bad. As it happens, our intranet affectionately

Riff Fullan, October 2014 0

What about CoPs…

I haven’t heard a lot of talk about Communities of Practice (CoPs) and their potential lately, except for an exchange in July around whether long-established ones might be too ‘nice’ and recycling the same old wisdom, summarized on Ewen LeBorgne’s blog. I remember first hearing about CoPs when Etienne Wenger gave a presentation on them