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Jane Carter, July 2016 0

Should we, do we, work in urban areas?

Last week was a particularly intense one for many of us: it was “Shareweek”, the get-together between senior country programme staff and thematic, geographical and fund-raising staff in Head Office. Wider organisational sharing is also promoted through live social reporting. We only hold this event every second year, so the time is precious, and internal

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Where the money goes…Tracking spending on gender and social inclusion

A blog posting a little while ago discussed gender-responsive budgeting, and specifically how we are supporting municipalities in Kosovo with this tool. Yet what of our own project and programme spending? Can such a form of budgeting and accounting also be applied? This was the topic yesterday in another of our sporadic Webinars, linking different staff

Jane Carter, May 2016 0

Leaving no-one behind in Madagascar

Previous blogs have described how each of our Country Programmes has developed a definition of what it means to be disadvantaged in their country context. That is, who is it who is generally left behind in development initiatives, and why? Some of our staff have found this easier to relate to their particular tasks and

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Monitoring changing lives: Dalit women in Nepal

Our sporadic series of lunchtime talks got off to a good start this year with a presentation of an Impact Assessment of the Employment Fund in Nepal, a large project managed by Helvetas and financially supported by SDC, DFID and the World Bank. We have an organisational commitment to organise two or three rigorous Impact

Jane Carter, November 2015 0

Women in Politics: Ideas from Albania

The Shareday that I mentioned in my last posting not only provided opportunities for thematic discussion, but also for viewing a range of (mainly project-produced) videos. I was particularly struck by one, on women in politics in Albania. It was produced by the dldp – the Decentralisation and Local Governance Programme, which is implemented by

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Gaining courage, speaking out: Women’s leadership training in Guatemala

Two of the participants at our June workshop in Bolivia were from Guatemala: Angélica Alarcon Alba, our Project Manager for SERVIME and Gender and Social Equity Focal Person, and Claudia Santizo, Deputy Country Programme Director. In presenting an activity of the project SERVIME (which like the last one mentioned in this blog is one designed and funded by