Arjumand Nizami & Jawad Ali, January 2017 0

The Youth Want to: THINK – ADAPT 2016

A conference planned for about 250 participants attracted over five hundred participants from several universities! The jubilation on the faces of students was worth seeing. The parallel sessions were full with half of the participants standing and keenly listening to the speakers. The heads of 35 different university departments, 20 public institutions (including environment, agriculture,

Rupa Mukerji, November 2016 0

Paris Agreement and its promise to the poor

On a recent visit to Mali I met farmer Eromi Saanu, working in the hot April sun on his quarter hectare plot of land. He is a pioneer in his village in the practice of zai, a laborious way to grow a crop on dry, infertile soils. Working for over a month with just a

Rupa Mukerji, December 2015 0
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Switzerland’s fair share

Climate adaption activities in Peru. Paris, in our minds is currently associated with dastardly acts of terrorism but very soon, it could forever be associated with an agreement that marks a large step forward in stopping the dangerous slide into inaction and blame games that have marked climate change negotiations in the past decade. The

Jane Carter, April 2015 0

Nepal: Response to the earthquake

The news on Saturday came as a bombshell – although not a total surprise. All of us who work or have worked in Nepal are aware of the earthquake risk, and there had been predictions of “a big one” for some time. Yet of course it’s never known exactly when, where, or how big this