Riff Fullan, July 2015 0

KM, learning and rocket science

A recent visit to our program office in Pakistan reminded me about the multiple possibilities around promoting more knowledge and learning (K&L) in our work, including both within the organisation and amongst the partners we are working with. I was facilitating an exercise looking at how our program in Pakistan could strengthen the K&L element

Riff Fullan, January 2015 0

Community engagement at scale: getting into people’s living rooms

I’m probably no different from many of those I work within inside and outside my organisation in that I spend a significant proportion of my time writing and reading emails, looking at websites, participating in online dialogues, etc, etc. Having this almost daily experience, it’s easy to forget that the vast majority of people in

Riff Fullan, September 2014 2
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A story with a happy ending

  A couple of weeks ago, colleagues from various Helvetas programme countries gathered together outside Kathmandu for a training on learning through storytelling. This was the second time we’d run the week-long training course and I think I learned even more this time than in 2013 in Ethiopia. The curriculum covered 5 days, 2 of