Nathalie Gunasekera, March 2016 0

The Business Case for Women

The three youth employment in the Western Balkans (EYE, MarketMakers &RisiAlbania) all share a common goal: greater participation of women in the workforce. Yet the term gender often resonates little with the projects’ partners who mainly represent the private sector.  For many of them gender is a fluffy, cute-little-donor-imposed-add-on which bears little practical consequences for

Riff Fullan, February 2016 0

Is context really everything?

What do horse racing on a frozen lake and a knowledge management workshop have in common? At first glance, not a lot. But over the past few days I was a curious observer of one and a facilitator of the other, and they both sparked similar thoughts as I was remembering the experiences. The winter

Jane Carter, June 2015 0

Supporting resilience at individual and community level

With the monsoon rains now falling in Nepal, the coming few months will be uncomfortable ones for the inhabitants of Melamchi valley in their temporary homes. Staff member Rabin Niraula describes how some residents took the building of shelter into their own hands following the first earthquake, without waiting for assistance to arrive. There are