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Jane Carter, April 2015 0

Nepal: Response to the earthquake

The news on Saturday came as a bombshell – although not a total surprise. All of us who work or have worked in Nepal are aware of the earthquake risk, and there had been predictions of “a big one” for some time. Yet of course it’s never known exactly when, where, or how big this

Riff Fullan, December 2014 3

Our Intranet? That old chestnut!

The combination of seeing a lot of chestnuts for sale over the past few weeks (the season of roasted chestnuts on the street in Switzerland is here) and thinking about the importance of our corporate intranet has me realising yet again that what is ‘old’ is not necessarily bad. As it happens, our intranet affectionately

Riff Fullan, November 2014 0
Learning Organisation

Is the Learning Organisation passé?

Is the Learning Organisation passé?   Having thought in terms of communities and networks for much of the past two decades, I am putting some energy these days into wondering about the place of the organisation. More specifically, about learning organisations. I still believe a lot of the potential of organisations to thrive depends on