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Jane Carter, June 2017 0

Post-earthquake recovery in the Melamchi valley, Nepal

It is now over two years since the homes of many Melamchi valley people were reduced to rubble, or at least rendered uninhabitable. Last week I had the opportunity to meet some of these people individually, and to discuss with our locally based team the progress made in recovery efforts. Strong collaboration with Solidar and

Jane Carter, April 2016 0

Skills for rural livelihoods in Myanmar

It is something of a cliché that most professionals working on gender in development are women; this includes the majority of our Gender and Social Equity Focal Persons. Whilst there are many sound reasons for women to be particularly interested in the topic, it is always good to have male colleagues engaged too; indeed in

Jane Carter, December 2015 0

Fair labour, fair trade

“It’s just a little further” insisted Ganga Saud (not for the first time), as the vehicle lurched over a series of particularly large potholes along an ever-upward winding road. My colleague Rukmini Adhikari and I looked at each other in mutual trepidation – not over the road itself, but the fact that we were travelling

Jane Carter, December 2014 0

Nepal: Shaping our new country programme strategy

One of the reasons that I was in Nepal over two weeks in November was to contribute to a peer review of our programme there. This process was led jointly by our country programme director of Pakistan, Arjumand Nizami, and our deputy programme director of Bangladesh, Shamim Ahamed. Peer reviews are a great idea for

Jane Carter, September 2014 0
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Global inequalities and their consequences: reflections from Tajikistan

Workshops in ex-Soviet countries tend to be enlivened by reflections on the previous system. Participants are often particularly curious to learn more about Western, capitalist thinking – and sometimes this leads to awkward questions. During a recent workshop in Tajikistan, I was questioned about when global wealth inequalities really began, and how they have altered