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Zenebe Uraguchi, September 2016 0

What does it take to build ‘good’ partnerships? A question you should ask before implementing a project

Rakesh Munankami & Zenebe Uraguchi It won’t be an exaggeration, at least from the writers’ experience of implementing projects in multiple countries, to say that a ‘damn successful project’ requires good partners. A good partner is one that is capable and reliable with whom a project enters into specific agreements. Making the wrong choice can

Jane Carter, September 2015 0

Internalising social values: NGO partners in Bangladesh

Back at the beginning of this year, I wrote a posting about partnerships, and the importance of shared values on gender equality and social equity. During my August visit to Bangladesh, this was again a topic of focus, in the form of a partner workshop. In Bangladesh we partner with over 20 different local NGOs,