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Jane Carter, November 2015 1

Advocacy on behalf of others: what is our legitimacy?

Last Thursday marked a turning point in organisational knowledge sharing, with the holding of a virtual “Shareday”. That is, our staff in 32 partner countries were invited to join a Webinar to exchange experiences on two topics, selected by vote in advance: advocacy, and market systems development. I suspect that in only a few years’

Jane Carter, January 2015 0
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Partnerships: a business relationship or something more?

The beginning of the year seems to be a time for students who have been undertaking a practical with us to come into the office and present their findings. This week it was the turn of Armelle Hausser, who conducted her 6 months fieldwork in Benin and Burkina Faso as part of her Masters at

Jane Carter, December 2014 0

Nepal: Shaping our new country programme strategy

One of the reasons that I was in Nepal over two weeks in November was to contribute to a peer review of our programme there. This process was led jointly by our country programme director of Pakistan, Arjumand Nizami, and our deputy programme director of Bangladesh, Shamim Ahamed. Peer reviews are a great idea for