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Jane Carter, November 2015 1

Advocacy on behalf of others: what is our legitimacy?

Last Thursday marked a turning point in organisational knowledge sharing, with the holding of a virtual “Shareday”. That is, our staff in 32 partner countries were invited to join a Webinar to exchange experiences on two topics, selected by vote in advance: advocacy, and market systems development. I suspect that in only a few years’

Jane Carter, March 2015 0

Are workshops worth the effort?

Readers of this blog will know that the last two postings drew from a regional workshop in Laos on gender and development in contexts of ethnic diversity. In describing this workshop to a friend, she asked me if I really thought that the outcome was worth all the cost and effort involved. This is a

Jane Carter, January 2015 1
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Swiss thoughts on poverty

Last week, the departments of SDC (the Swiss Agency for Development Cooperation) were setting out their annual plan for 2015 to their colleagues and invited partners. As a major implementation partner, we at Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation were duly invited and decided amongst ourselves who should attend which presentation. As a result, I found myself sitting

Jane Carter, December 2014 0
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Promoting ideas of social equity through art

Our team in Bolivia was brainstorming at the beginning of this year about how to raise public awareness on social equity – and came up with the idea of an art competition. This must be put in the context of a country with a very diverse population, in which until recently, an indigenous person had